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Number of industrial facilities commissioned

A number of industrial facilities, including “Shebeke” service center in Agdash district telecommunication hub, were commissioned in the course of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Agdash on October 28.

Minister of Transport, Communication and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade and General Director of Aztelekom LLC Suat Pashayev noted that the purpose of creating “Shebeke” service center is to make a one stop shop service which will prevent time loss of citizens and save public expenditures for services.

It was noted that the center would provide postal services, carry out all types of payments, offer phone installation, internet connection, IMEI registration, e-signature services, currency exchange, sale of air tickets and tour packages, and many other types of services.

Opening of Licorice Industry Park took place in Aghdash.

The plant of extracts and syrups, operating at the Licorice Industry Park, produces plant-based biologically active food additives. The first samples of products were shipped to Iran. In future, it is planned to export products to USA, Korea, India, Egypt and European countries. The Licorice Industry Park plans to export 7,500 tonnes of licorice root and 100,000 pieces of licorice syrups under the Made in Azerbaijan brand. 

According to the results of 9 months of this year, our non-oil sector grew by 15% mainly thanks to such enterprises, President noted. 

Besides, commissioned were drinking water supply and sewage systems on October 28.

However, Azersu was ordered to solve the drinking water problem in other five cities as well.

President of the OJSC Gorkhmaz Huseynov informed the head of state that implementation of the project on reconstruction of drinking water and waste water disposal systems of Agdash city started in 2008. Given the prospective development till 2035, the project is designed for improving drinking water supply and waste water disposal services for 47,000 people in the city of Agdash. Apart from this, it is planned to ensure drinking water supply for 13 villages with the population of 20,000 people. In general, 67,000 people will benefit from the project. Underground waters shall be used as a source for water supply to the district center and adjacent villages. Two exploratory wells were initially drilled in the Turyanchay river bed. Testing carried out in the source confirmed the conformity of the water quality to existing standards. Besides, a total of 8 subartesian wells were drilled. Their overall yield makes 240 liters per second.


To date, water and waste water disposal projects have been completed in 30 and 11 cities respectively.

The Head of State commissioned the unit supplying drinking water to the city of Agdash. 

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