Monday, 29 June 2020 06:46

Vice President: Total thinking big

Total has announced its goal to achieve zero emissions by 2050 (i.e. move to a carbon neutral level) across the entire production chain. It involves use of clean energy, control over direct and indirect emissions of the company and reduction of power consumption, says the senior Vice President for Strategy and Climate Mathieu Soulas. 

Since 2015, we have already reduced our carbon intensity by 6%, which is an industry record, as a result of all the initiatives taken in our business segments and the development of new low-carbon businesses. 

“By 2050, we aim to achieve a 60% reduction (compared to the level of 2015) in the intensity of carbon emissions on a global scale”, the Vice President noted.

To track our progress, we have identified some indicators and interim goals at ten-year intervals -15% by 2030 and -35% by 2040. The group has also decided to invest in negative emissions, or carbon sinks, as part of our CCUS and Nature Based Solutions (NBS) operations plan. We think big to meet the challenges facing the planet, the expert said.

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