Sunday, 13 October 2019 13:14

Great Britain leaving EU

The government of Great Britain will undertake Brexit on October 31 and intends to work out a new scheme of partnership with the EU, which will strengthen a sustainability of the British economy, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain affirmed, BBC reports.

Today, the Queen of Great Britain has delivered a speech from the throne at an official opening of the new parliamentary session where she called the priorities of the government for the upcoming year.  This session promises to be historical as it shall finally fix the fate of Brexit.

“My government intends to implement Brexit on October 31, and work over a new partnership scheme with the EU, which will underlie principles of free trade and mutually beneficial cooperation”, Elizabeth II said.

“My ministers will introduce new management regimes for fishing industry, agriculture and trade, using all opportunities opening for us after leaving the EU”, she added.

The Queen’s speech was dedicated to the domestic agenda. The monarch stated that the British government would support development of science-driven fields, participate in space exploration, and maintain a combat capability of the British army. As PM Boris Johnson has promised earlier, the most part of the speech was dedicated to the governmental plans meant for solution of social problems.

Last week the EU and Great Britain agreed to activate negotiations in coming days in order to reach an agreement on the Irish border after Brexit, the statement of the European Commission says.


As the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said on Friday, a chance for reaching an agreement at the upcoming summit of heads of the EU states still remains. This summit is scheduled for October 17-18.

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