Tuesday, 21 April 2020 07:32

Gazelli Group helps another more than 50 low-income families through #GazelliYardım program

The #GazelliYardım program provides help to low-income families, people with disabilities, as well as elderly people who are facing difficulties due to the spread of a new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Azerbaijan, the company's press release says.

Humanitarian aid in the form of essential foods and disinfectants was provided to more than 50 families in Baku, who got into a difficult situation due to the introduction of a quarantine regime in the country.

People expressed their gratitude for the attention and care shown.

Earlier, orphanages, boarding schools, and the Baku, Guba and Lankaran nursing homes which are under the guardianship of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Security, have received a month's supply of shampoos, liquid soap and antiseptics as part of this program.

“#GazelliYardım is part of our corporate social responsibility program. Our holding has always put a greater emphasis on charity, support of the people of Azerbaijan, as well as environmental issues in our country.It is the duty of not only every entrepreneur, but also every citizen of our Republic to support the steps that our state is taking to prevent the spread and limit the negative impact of coronavirus in Azerbaijan. On behalf of the company, we urge all residents to stay home, go outside only in exceptional cases, wear masks and gloves, wash their hands thoroughly and use antiseptic products. Keep alert and stay healthy!”, a representative of Gazelli Group said, and noted that the holding intends to continue its work in this direction.


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