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Linguist participating in business trip within LEF Network Azerbaijan project

The company Linguist is participating in the business trip that has started since May 26 within the framework of the LEF Network Azerbaijan project and will end on June 2. This was said by Nazrin Mammadova, CEO of Linguist.

It is noteworthy that the delegation of Caspian Energy Club International is on a visit to Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Nazrin Mammadova, CEO of Linguist which is among the participants of the business visit, told Caspian Energy Media about her expectations from the visit. According to her, negotiations have already been held with 2 universities in Latvia, and contracts are planned to be signed during the visit. New agreements with universities and language centers are also planned to be reached in the cities of Tallinn and Helsinki. "We are also thinking of setting certain cooperation with some educational institutions within the framework of exchange programs," Linguist CEO Nazrin Mammadova said.

It should be noted that Caspian Energy Club International was selected an official partner of the LEF Network Azerbaijan project launched by the European Union Central Baltic program. The 3-year LEF Network Azerbaijan project aims to develop economic cooperation between Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The project which was launched last year will support companies working in the field of green technologies, information technologies and education for the next 3 years. The project envisages signing of green technology, ICT and education contracts between companies of Finland, Estonia and Latvia and Azerbaijan within 36 months. Such institutions as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Estonia and the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Finland are among the leading partners of the project.

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