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SOCAR CDWT’s goal is to become one of the globally recognized drilling companies

Since the advent of his rule, the activity of the founder of modern Azerbaijan, the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, aimed at developing the oil industry constituting the backbone of the country’s economy, has shortly formed the basis for the recognition of Azerbaijan as a strong and independent state throughout the world. As a continuation of this successful policy, the follower of his political course, President Ilham Aliyev’s initiative to found SOCAR’s specialized Complex Drilling Works Trust (CDWT) in 2007 as a separate institution and insert it in the list of globally recognized companies is already bearing fruit.

Developing drilling craft and training qualified specialists to perform drilling operations with a modern approach have been placed at the forefront in converting oil revenues into human capital, and as an expected result, CDWT has consistently achieved high results since its establishment thanks to both state-of-the-art technologies implemented in production and qualified staff. For the period of its activity to date, the Trust has managed to perform more than 1,681,000 m of drilling in very complex fields, drill more than 1,040 oil, gas, and exploration wells, and hand them over to customers. Having assessed its opportunities in continuing and diversifying this chain of success, the Trust submitted its bid as SOCAR CDWT for a tender announced in 2021 by the Regional Engineering Office of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) of the Republic of Türkiye for drilling exploratory wells in Türkiye, competing with many world-famous companies. SOCAR CDWT successfully passed the evaluation stage and was declared the winner of the tender thanks to the technical bid and quotation prepared by its professional team.

The tender terms suppose drilling 8 exploration wells with a design depth of 2,600 m in the territory of the Batman Province of the Republic of Türkiye. To implement the project, two modern ZJ-50 drilling rigs with a lifting capacity of 300 tons, equipped with a top drive system, were mobilized to the production site. Currently, 50 employees work at each rig. They were provided with labor conditions corresponding to modern standards, and their activity was legalized by obtaining appropriate work permits. The staff, formed as a result of the experience accumulated over the 15 years of activity, and modern technical equipment allow the Trust to properly perform work according to the requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.

To date, as part of the project, one well has been drilled and handed over to the customer in Türkiye, and the drilling of the second one is underway. To drill the third well, the drilling rig will be mobilized to the Karabakh field in Diyarbakir (Türkiye).

Satisfied with the cooperation with SOCAR CDWT, TPAO invited the Trust to take part in the tender for the implementation of new projects in 2023. A technical bid and quotation have been submitted according to the tender terms, and the official announcement of its results is forthcoming. The first national drilling company, Complex Drilling Works Trust, which contributed only to the domestic market until 2022, effectively took advantage of the opportunities created and for the first time, expanded its activity beyond the country’s borders for the benefit of fraternal Türkiye.

Herewith, at the end of 2022, SOCAR CDWT won the tender announced by Taghiyev Operating Company Limited, a subsidiary of GL International LTD, and was charged with drilling 3 wells in the Buzovna-Mashtaga and Gala regions.

As a team of the Integrated Drilling Works Trust, we have set the goal to meet the trust bestowed upon us and take our place among globally recognized drilling companies under the SOCAR brand. 

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