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Monday, 12 February 2018 16:30

Red Shull Carpet contest to be hosted in Shahdag

Red Shull Carpet contest to be hosted in Shahdag

 On February 18 the Shahdag Mountain Resort will host the most extreme and fun winter contest - Red Bull Shah Carpet.

The essence of the contest, which in the literal translation sounds like “Shah of carpets”, is that costumed participants having all the equipment required for a descent down the mountain move down the slope to the springboard and jump into the pool. The most important thing is that the main element of a vehicle, which is designed by the participants specifically for the competition, must be a CARPET!

For registration, participants need to think in advance over a creative concept of a team, build a device for slipping with a carpet, come up with a name and prepare appropriate cheerful costumes. 20 most creative teams will be selected to participate in the contest.


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