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Wednesday, 12 June 2019 16:30

SOCAR AQS successfully participated at 26th International Caspian Oil and Gas Conference

SOCAR AQS successfully participated at 26th International Caspian Oil and Gas Conference

SOCAR AQS participated 26th International Caspian Oil and Gas Conference held at Bilgah Beach Hotel on 30-31 May 2019.

26th-year success story of the first Azerbaijan-based specialized event in this field, granted the International Oil and Gas Conference with a status of the key industrial forum of the region.

This year SOCAR AQS acted as the Bronze sponsor of the event. Every year the above-stated conference provides exceptional ideas exchange opportunities for oil and gas projects discussions to the experts of the companies.  

On the second day of the conference, Mr. Iftikhar Gasimov, Deputy General Director/Chief Geologist delivered an interesting presentation on single trip heavy-weight intermediate casing and cementing operations due to cutting edge technologies and equipment at “Bulla” gasfield with complicated geological structure.

At the outset of the presentation, Iftikhar Gasimov noted that the company management regularly cooperates with the customer in selection of new generation drilling rigs and equipment for high temperature and high pressure wells drilling at “Bulla-6” offshore fixed platform and improved drilling performance. The company introduces DWOP (Drilling the Well on Paper) for potential risks mitigation and systemic use of experience gained from projects implementation.

Due to application of big modules in shipping of other pieces of drilling mast and equipment under predrilling activities, moving time and risks were reduced dramatically. Besides, based on suggestions of SOCAR AQS experts, for  the first time the company used vertical drilling mud storage tanks as required by technological process of “Bulla-6” offshore platform design resulting in possibility to carry out large-scale installation operations at a smaller space of platform.

Later on, the speaker stressed innovations of the completed well # 78  and ongoing running the hole # 113 at “Bulla-6” offshore fixed platform by stating that commissioning high quality and high pressure exploration well # 78 at “Bulla” field with application of a number of innovations represents another success story of Azerbaijani drillers. 

‘’So we managed to successfully ran with the single trip a intermediate casing with the air weight of 530 tons and diameter of 13 3/8" to the depth of 4,938 m and the second one with air weight of 380 tons and diameter of 13 3/8" to the depth of 5,400 m. This running put an end to practices to run in the hole of intermediate casing in two runs.

This technical solution is also of great importance when it comes to substantial drilling time saving and cost reduction. Moreover, the company successfully performed coring while penetrating Horizon 5 and Horizon 7 in an attempt of identification of lithological character as well as porosity and permeability properties during well site construction period.

SOCAR AQS successfully ran, with the single trip, a heavy-weight intermediate casing in the well # 113 of the fixed offshore platform #6 on “Bulla” field due to application of Drillmec 3000, a new generation drilling rig. Thus, the company ran 13 3/8"-wide intermediate casing with the air weight of 546 tons to the depth of 5,093 m and another casing with diameter of  9 5/8" and air weight of 393 tons to the depth of 5,620m with the bend angle of 26 degrees followed by well cementing.

SOCAR AQS is the first company in Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea to perform coring from Horizon 5 and Horizon 7 of “Bulla” field in strict compliance with international standards while drilling high pressure and high temperature wells.

It is worth noting, SOCAR AQS timely consults with our key customer, “Azneft” production enterprise and makes necessary decisions about all operations on well # 113 like running a casing, cementing, etc., and our professional team get mobilized for successful well drilling in full conformity with technological parameters set by the orderer.

I am convinced that our company is in position to construct  this well in due time and in cost-efficient way, and to avoid drilling troubles at other wells we are commissioned to drill’’.

Noteworthy, company-designed presentation on operations performed at “Bulla” field of Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea grabbed attention of the conference audience. Mr. Bahram Huseynov, Vice President of SOCAR for Geology and Geophysics and the conference moderator highly appreciated application of foremost standartization practices by a national company attesting thereby the disrupter status of SOCAR AQS in country’s drilling industry. 


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