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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 12:15

TAP getting ready for re-start of works in Italy Featured

TAP getting ready for re-start of works in Italy

 The TAP project is on schedule in Italy, Lisa Givert, TAP Head of Communications, told  Caspian Energy News (

 Between March and July 2017, TAP removed the first set of olive trees in the micro-tunnel area. According to her, these trees are carefully looked after in a nearby nursery and will be planted back to their original location once pipeline construction works have been completed. “Also, the last shipment of offshore line pipes has been offloaded in Brindisi, Italy, between 3 and 6 September.  In close cooperation with the national and local authorities, TAP is preparing to re-start works as planned”, she said. Lisa Givert noted that these works include the construction of an access road and digging the pit for building the micro-tunnel, once the Phase 1a verifications of compliance (secondary permits related to the environmental prescriptions of the EIA Decree) are in place.

“As part of the re-start of works and its commitment to take care of the olive trees in the work-site area, on 23 October, TAP began to prune the trees along the pipeline 8km route in Italy. In addition, in the coming weeks, TAP will carry out further activities to properly delimit and protect the work-site area”, Lisa Givert comments.  

“TAP will use the most advanced technologies available to safeguard habitats, project biodiversity and restore landscape to its original condition once construction works are completed”,  she concluded.       

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