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Friday, 05 June 2015 18:30

Eastring gas pipeline project presented in Baku

Over 11% of all gas and 36% of Russian gas that Europe consumes annual was transported by Eustream.  Mirek Topolánek, Head of International Development and Public Affairs of Eustream, stated within the framework of the international conference Caspian Oil & Gas 2015 held on June 4. According to him, Eustream holds 15% share in the Central European Gas Hub exchange, Caspian Energy News ( reports.

The company presented a new gas pipeline project Eastring at the conference.

M.Topolanek noted that Eastring is ready for transmission of Caspian Gas from Azerbaijan to EUROPE and UKRAINE once BP, SOCAR and BOTAS agree to increase the transmission capacities in SCP, TANAP
Interconnector Turkey Bulgaria is built and connected to TANAP network,
and/or Interconnector Greece Bulgaria is built.  

Eastring is ready for transmission of Caspian gas from Turkmenistan once in addition to the previous conditions Trans-Caspian Pipeline is built.

“Eastring if circumstances and the US position allows it would consider scenario of importing Iranian gas (subject to development of appropriate infrastructure in the Caspian region)”, he emphasized.

Such Caspian gas may, thanks to Eastring, be available for Ukraine and reach western European markets as well.  According to him, gas production in Azerbaijan can be increased up to 30 bcm within coming decade.

He also noted that it is highly probable that in the near future Russia will built only one out of four lines of Turkish Stream with available capacity of 16 billion cubic meters fully dedicated to Turkish gas need. 

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