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Tuesday, 30 October 2018 10:30

International scientific conference took place with Mr.Fix's support

International scientific conference took place with Mr.Fix's support

With the support of Mr.Fix construction chemicals, owned by Kartash LLC , an international conference was held in Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AUAC) under the theme  "Actual problems of production of construction materials and their solutions" . The conference was dedicated to the memory of professor of  AUAC Bunyad Sardarov.

Opening the conference, prorector for science and technology affairs, professor of AUAC Arif Sharifov talked about the scientific activity and the works done for the university by outstanding scientist B.Sardarov. Later, Najmeddin Tashbag, Director of Kartash LLC (Mr.Fix) was introduced. N.Tashbag emphasized that the company has been operating in the field of construction materials for 15 years and during this time the company has always payed attention to  relations with the universities and he wished success to everyone participating in the scientific conference.

In plenary meetings held within the conference also Kemerix brand, which is Mr.Fix's distributor in Azerbaijan was represented. Technical adviser of the company and a manufacturer of steel fibers, at the same time the dean of the faculty of Engineering at Kayseri Erciyes University Prof.Dr .Fatih Altun made a  presentation about the effects of the Kemerix steel fibers on concrete and reinforced concrete, answered the questions of the participants of the scientific conference.

At the conference  from universities of different countries of the world (Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan), including, leading universities in our country, from scientific centers and different organizations representatives and prominent academics participated in the event.

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