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Friday, 10 August 2018 16:30

Mr.Fix extends range of its waterproofing system products

Mr.Fix extends range of its waterproofing system products

For 15 years construction chemicals of Mr.Fix has stood out with systematic and innovative approach to materials in the construction sector of Azerbaijan. To this end, the Company constantly improves its products, as well as waterproofing materials, and offers systems meeting project requirements.

Mr.Fix has presented for the construction sector two new brand products of the waterproofing system: waterproofing based on  Bitufix  bitumen and a filler based on Puraseal 150 polyurethane.

Bitufix products are available in one version meant for roof insulation and in two versions meant for foundation insulation of buildings. The advantage among the majority of used insulation materials is that they create an elastic and solid surface after application. As ready for use Bitufix products perfectly stick to the concrete, areas which leak water for some reason can be detected easily.

Puraseal 150 is a high efficient and fully elastic material based on polyurethane and used for filling concrete and temperature joints. The product is also used for different purpose adhesive operations. Ready, waterproof, corrosion-resistant Puraseal product is easy to use.

Information about Mr.Fix:

Production of construction chemistry by Mr.Fix, owned by Kartaş LLC, began in 2003. Production activity of the company is regulated by the International Quality Control standard ISO 9001: 2008. The raw material is imported from leading world suppliers in order to obtain a high-quality end product, and is used in production after its quality has been analyzed. Durability and stability in quality secure sound and ecologically safe production.


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