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Friday, 05 April 2019 19:10

WorleyParsons is committed to continue to improve our services,Paul Dean Featured

WorleyParsons is committed to continue to improve our services,Paul Dean

Caspian Energy (CE): How successful has the 5-year Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract been implemented within the framework of BP projects in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey? 

Paul Dean, Program Director of WorleyParsons Azerbaijan Branch: WorleyParsons are very happy with the start up performance of our operation in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Being a new player in both Azerbaijan and Georgia has its challenges as does setting up an operation in any new location. We quickly established our offices, operations and staffing with the support of a dedicated start up team.

We are fortunate to have some very competent national staff that have supported us during the start up allowing us to quickly understand how things are done and to provide assurance that we comply with all legal aspects and regulations. I would say that the start up for AGT has benchmarked very well against other global start ups.

CE : What are the main objectives facing your company in 2019-2020 and years ahead? 

Paul Dean: In the coming years WorleyParsons is committed to continue to improve our services to our clients and as part of this drive we have developed a strategic plan to allow us to be properly focussed on delivery enhancements that will assure the best possible project delivery to them.

Nationalization is also high on our agenda and I am please to say that as of 2019 we are actually ahead of our target and will continue to provide development and training opportunities for our national staff. Later this year we are planning to place some of our national staff into our UK offices for additional development. This will allow them to bring back work to Azerbaijan which would have been executed abroad.

As a broad objective we are aiming to be the contractor of choise in the region when it comes to EPCM services. We are driving forward to ensure we continue to deliver our projects safely, efficiently and in line with client expectations, continuously improving as we move forward.

CE : Which companies is the representative office of WorleyParsons cooperating in Azerbaijan in addition to the operator of major oil-gas fields with?

Paul Dean: Currently WorleyParsons has a contract with BP for EPCM services for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, however, we are very actively looking to provide services across the region with other operators as part of our regional strategy. 

CE : WorleyParsons has offices in more than 40 countries of the world. How would you assess the competitiveness of WorleyParsons in the market?

Paul Dean: Working across the hydrocarbons, power, infrastructure, minerals & metals and chemicals sectors, we cover the full project lifecycle from guiding our customers with pioneering projects to finding innovative ways of sustaining and enhancing their existing assets. Our comprehensive geographic presence enables us to leverage global expertise and deliver innovative solutions locally, to meet our customers' needs. We anticipate expanding our services across these sectors, over the coming years, to support business growth in the region. As one of the largest EPCM businesses globally, we believe we are well positioned to deliver very competative services in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.


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