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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 14:45

Caspian European Club applies to President about Atena Featured

Caspian European Club applies to President about Atena

The Caspian European Club is concerned about the situation around the Group of Companies known under the brand Atena, First Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Caspian European Club Telman Aliyev said.

“In this regard, we have applied to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Chairman of the Caspian European Club, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, requesting to get this situation under personal control. We justified this request by the fact that the Atena brand is one of the recognizable Azerbaijani brands, and Atena dairy products enjoy great confidence among people”, Telman Aliyev said.

Another important fact is that the founder of the Group of Companies, Elshad Rasulov for a long time has been one of the Board Members and Head of the Agro-industry Committee within the Caspian European Club, he added.

Telman Aliyev stressed that Elshad Rasulov had taken an active part and carefully studied all proposals for the development of the agro-industrial sector of our country, which have already been reflected in the roadmap approved by Mr. President with the aim of putting reforms in place.

“The dairy plant and the farm enterprise of Atena are of great social importance and play an important role in the development of the Agjabedi district. This is the reason why we applied to Mr. President requesting to help the company, which has been working for more than 25 years in Azerbaijan”, Telman Aliyev said. We also would like to ask media representatives not to politicize this issue and not to publish unconfirmed information related to the activities of Atena.

The Caspian European Club, which brings together more than 5,000 member companies and organizations from 70 countries around the world, was established in June 2002 with the support of the largest oil and gas companies working in the Caspian-Black Sea region and with the active involvement of the Caspian Energy International Media Group. The Caspian American Club (established on 24 December 2016) and Caspian Asian Club (26 January 2018) will be managed by the Members of the Board of the Caspian European Club for 2 years. All companies that join the Caspian European Club as members get an automatic membership within the Caspian American Club, Caspian Asian Club and vice-versa. 

His Excellency President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev is the Chairman of the Caspian European Club.

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